Coaching for Adults







Beginners: For those


who have played for


less than a  year or


never before. We


teach you basic shot


techniques  and tactics, so anyone who wants to


review is welcome.


Improver: For those who have played regularly for


six months to two years. We teach you techniques


for all shots and basic double tactics. Lots of fun


drills and points play.


Intermediate/Advanced: For those who have


played for over two years (club and rusty


advanced players). We teach you advanced


doubles manoeuvres and there is generally


less emphasis on technique and quick


reminders, tactics and lots of action.






Coaches are available for private individual


and small group lessons. For more information


contact Neil James:




Email Neil at,


      or phone 07929 157075


No need for booking forms but please do contact


coaches directly to confirm your interest and to


pass on your contact details as coaches will need


this to contact you if sessions are cancelled for any




Hope to see you all on court soon!